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Akzo Nobel, Organon) Finding a house in the Netherlands is not easy.One very small country a lot of people = a lot of waiting. Have a look at put "netherlands" into the location.Does anyone know if there is a way to lock angles or automatically round them to the nearest whole number when drawing them?We've had some issues with our buildings where we think the angle of the building is 30 degrees and then we find out when we're at 75% completion that its actually at 30.42 or 90.00025. Revit you should NEVER have your dims set to rounding.It messes up the building alignment and gives us warnings. You can hold down shift when you draw and that will keep things "ortho" But typically revit snaps to the increments you have set, so set all your angle snaps and that should not happen unless you have a cad underlay and are tracing it, which is a huge no,no. This sounds more like a process issue than a Revit one.In other words, instead of "eye balling" the angle, if it was actually typed in then it should be exact.The reason I ask is my department just switched over to it, but is unsure whether to allow officers to remove the guard if they like.

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Part of the apprehension to allows officers to remove it is, some believe that would be considered modifying the holster.Therefore, we need to find a house in between Wageningen and a IT city.I post here the distance from University of Wageningen to other big cities, and the time needed to travel there by car.On jobs are nearly everywhere in the Netherlands, some locations are just 20 mins away from the work location of my spouse.

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Here are the biggest clusters, ranked by the number of jobs available on - Noord-brabant: 1000 - Noord-Holland: 1000 - Zuid-Holland: 1000 - Utrecht: 1000 - Gelderland: 539 - Limburg: 280 - Overijssel: 239 - Flevoland: 220 - Groningen: 151 - Drenthe: 98 - Friesland: 89 - Zeeland: 52 So, an appartment in Utrecht might be the best location for two of us.

I currently see this: 867 jobs found for the following criteria: Location : netherlands Also see this: Formatting text in v Bulletin Make the distance as short as possible.